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Arts and Engineering with #KIBOCostume

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On October 18, 2015 in Blog

Halloween is coming, and KIBO loves to dress up! With a costume, KIBO can become a character in any story. Share your KIBO Costumes with hashtag #KIBOCostume.

KIBO Dancers

Decorating KIBO engages kids with both engineering and arts. Designing a costume lets kids express their imagination, while actually constructing and attaching the costume directly to KIBO or to KIBO’s Art Platform is a fun engineering challenge. Dressing up KIBO is a key part of using KIBO within a comprehensive STEAM curriculum.

KIBO dressed upWe would love to see what KIBO Costumes you or your kids have come up with. If you’re a teacher, do you have any favorite KIBO Costumes from your classroom? If you’re a parent, try creating a KIBO Costume with your kid based on a favorite book character, favorite rescue vehicle, favorite animal…

To join the fun: Share a picture of your dressed-up KIBO on Twitter with hashtag #KIBOCostume! You’ll be giving other KIBO lovers some great new ideas. We’ll re-tweet our favorites to spread the ideas. (Please only post if you’re OK with us re-tweeting and re-using your photo.)