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Local feedback: KIBO’s big Massachussetts move

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On March 3, 2015 in Blog

KIBO was born and raised in Massachusetts. From the research labs of the DevTech research group at Tufts University, to the basements of our Arlington homes and now toour first KinderLab Robotics’ manufacturing headquarters and office space on historic Route 128 in Waltham. There are many reasons we’re loyal to Boston. For one thing, when it comes to education technology Massachusetts has seen 212% increase in venture capital investment over the last five years alone. We are honored and excited to continue bringing the best of Boston’s innovation culture to education. And we’re pleased that one of our favorite local publications – the Boston Business Journal – as well as members of the local ed tech community are as excited about the news as we are. Take a look at this piece from Sara Castellanos about KIBO, KinderLab,our big move and some dev tech insights from our chief scientist, Marina Umaschi Bers. We’d like to personally thank each of you who took the time to share the piece and extend your congratulations on Twitter. We love interacting with fellow ed tech, dev tech and robotics lovers. Get in touch today on Facebook and Twitter.


If you’re an educator, administrator or technology specialist in the New England area, we would like to formally invite you to the new office space for hands-on, customized professional development training. You’ll leave Route 128 with a fully formulated plan to incorporate KIBO, coding and technology into your K-2 classroom. Register today for professional development.