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Adventure Moms DC: 2018 Adventure Gift Guide

Posted By KinderLab Christina On November 1, 2018 in Media Coverage

We are thrilled that KIBO was reviewed and included in their 2018 Adventure Gift Guide. The review reads in part:

We first saw KIBO at KIDFest and loved how easy it was for young people to pick it up and start experimenting with coding. The KIBO demo carpet was covered with kids who were very quickly becoming proficient at generating the codes needed to accomplish their goals. We were very excited for the chance to play with KIBO in our home, thanks to KinderLab Robotics. The indistinctive appearance of KIBO helps transform it into anything! My younger kids (ages 2 & 4) were very interested in manipulating the blocks, scanning and watching what the robot did. My almost 6 year old was more interested in planning what the robot would be and how it should behave. It was interesting to see the big difference in foresight and planning. My kids and their Adventure Buddies had such a great time playing with KIBO they were fighting over what to do with it next.

Read on for the full review.