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AI: Top 10 AI and Robotics EdTech Companies

Posted By KinderLab Christina On April 5, 2022 in Media Coverage

KinderLab Robotics is thrilled to be listed as 1 of 10 companies that are key players in the EdTech industry and transforming the way young people learn.

EdTech enables teachers to upgrade and improve their classrooms and allows teachers to engage their students in unique, innovative, and equitable ways.

About KinderLab
Founded in 2013, KinderLab Robotics, creates educational STEM robotics that enable young children to learn critical technical, problem-solving, and cognitive skills in a developmentally appropriate and playful way. KinderLab products are based on over 20 years of academic and field research into how young children learn foundational concepts in programming and engineering by integrating them into a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes literacy, the expressive arts and cultural studies.

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