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Analytics Insight: Why Robotics in Early Education is Important for a STEM Future?

Posted By KinderLab Christina On April 8, 2022 in Media Coverage

In this article, KinderLab and the screen-free KIBO robot is discussed as part of why robotics is so important to introduce in early education.

The article reads in part:

Importance of Robotics in STEM education
Robotics integrates STEM subjects into one, which has been studied separately for ages. ‘Dull’ and ‘boring’ are the two words generally attributed to science subjects. They do not find any practical application in the everyday lives of children and so get averse to engaging with pointless theory cramming and problem solving. A paper published in the international journal of STEM education, explains how informal education can generate interest in STEM subjects. Robotics perfectly match this style of learning, making a child curious enough to relate classroom concepts with practical applications.

Schools are fast adapting to this trend not just to inculcate scientific vigour but also to modernise the teaching methodology right from the elementary level. Companies like Kinderlab Robotics, Wonder Workshop, RoboLink, etc, are exclusively making robots for Edtech industry, with programs related to science and technology to make learning interactive and engaging at the school level. STEM learning demands critical thinking and problem solving and through robotics a child learns to approach the knowledge he gains with a solution-oriented approach gaining skills of reason and logic in the process.

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