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Baby Boomers: KIBO – The Playful Robot that Teaches Kids Coding Without Screen Time

Posted By KinderLab Christina On November 20, 2019 in Media Coverage

Baby Booomers recently reviewed the KIBO robot. About KIBO, they said: “Grandparents, this could be a great gift idea for a grandchild!”

“KIBO is a playful robot that offers young children a fun way to learn coding and building along with storytelling and imaginative play. Designed for kids ages 4–7, KIBO is entirely unplugged and screen-free: no smartphone, tablet, PC, or network connection is needed. Children build onto the robot with art and craft materials, then use wooden blocks to program their creation.

Designed for open-ended play, KIBO lets kids make almost anything they can think of: a character from a story, a carousel, a dancer, a car, a helicopter. After the child creates a sequence of instructions using the wooden programming blocks, they scan the blocks with KIBO’s built-in bar code scanner to tell the robot what to do. Then they simply press the button and the robot comes alive.

KIBO is a safe and robust product that will last years.”

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