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EdTech Digest: What’s the State of Education, The Role of Technology – and What Lies Ahead?

Posted By KinderLab Christina On February 9, 2022 in Media Coverage

In EdTech Digest’s State of EdTech 2022-2023 Guide, Mitch Rosenberg, KinderLab’s CEO was interviewed and provided his thoughts on what ahead for EdTech in 2022-2023, in the article “What’s the State of Education, The Role of Technology – and What Lies Ahead?”

You can find Mitch’s prediction on Page 27, where he shares:
The education sector appears highly fragmented, as different regions choose varied approaches to the currrent pandamic situation. Staff shortages have affected a large proportion of schools, including teachers, administrators, and support staff. In this environemnt “technology” appears in two very different ways: as a tool supporting education infrastructure, and as a core element of curriculum itself.

Many students, parents and teachers are tiring of the most widespread technological solution to pandemic restrictions: videoconferening. However, the need to incorporate curriculum elements that teach young people about STEM thinking is clearly becoming greater. One unexpected requirement that has emerged from academic research into how students learn STEM is the consensus that these skills must be taught at least by early elementary school to have the broadest impact across demographics.

See his prediction as well as the predictions from other EdTech leaders.