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eSchoolNews: The Coolest K-12 Robotics Programs we saw at ISTE

Posted By KinderLab Christina On July 4, 2019 in Media Coverage

The KIBO robot was included in the “Coolest K-12 Robotics Programs we saw at ISTE” roundup, where eSchoolNews includes some of their favorite resources for classrooms from what they saw at ISTE 2019.

“Aside from the cool factor K-12 robotics offers, students who learn to program through robotics learn a number of skills they’ll take with them well into adulthood, including creativity, problem solving, and the ability to fail without quitting.”

About the KIBO robot (#1!), the mention –
“KinderLab Robotics started shipping KIBO‘s newest product, the Advanced Coding Extension Set, and an accompanying curriculum guide, Ask and Imagine. The Advanced Coding Extension Set supports children who are experienced with KIBO’s core concepts and offers them the next step along their computer science pathways. The Advanced Coding Extension Set creates a bridge between KIBO’s core pre-K to 2nd-grade curriculum and the computer science and engineering work students will do in upper elementary and beyond. Children can explore advanced computer science concepts such as subroutines, randomness, and conditionals, while staying rooted in KIBO’s screen-free, hands-on coding environment.”

See the full round-up.