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eSchoolNews: Using Robots to Bring Science to Life

Posted By KinderLab Christina On February 25, 2020 in Media Coverage

In this eSchoolNews article, two elementary STEAM educators of young children, Katie Blagden, from Beverly MA Public Schools, and Barb Tennyson, from Needham MA Public Schools, share how, using the KIBO robot, they bring their earth and life science lessons to life to engage and enlighten young learners.

The article reads in part:
We have both learned that the best way to teach science is through hands-on exploration where lessons are both rigorous and relative to all of the students in the classroom. Incorporating robotics, coding, and engineering into these lessons is a great way to engage students and inspire them to apply their learning.

Here are two tech-infused lessons (by KIBO!) that have increased student engagement and brought elementary earth and life sciences to life.

– Teaching earth science and collaboration in the ‘Windy Day’ project – Needham Public Schools
– Helping robot animals survive the winter – Beverly Public Schools

Learn more about these lesson plans and their success using KIBO to bring these life sciences to life.