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eSchoolNews: Why We Love Our Coding & Robotics Tools

Posted By KinderLab Christina On March 7, 2019 in Media Coverage

Check out the eSchoolNews article, “Why we love our coding & robotics tools”, where educators discuss ways to “get your STEAM on”.

Katie Blagden, a K-4 STEAM educator and coach from Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School, in Beverly, MA says of the KIBO:
Money, time, and skill are the obstacles teachers jump through to use new classroom tools. KinderLab’s KIBO robot not only brings coding to life—it inspires creativity in a hands-on, playful way that doesn’t involve screens. KIBO is reasonably priced, user friendly, and doesn’t require a manual or IT support. Its versatility across STEAM subjects makes it a valuable piece of educational machinery.

See the full article to read six student- and teacher-recommended ways to get your STEAM on!