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Finding Debra: Gifts for Kids 2020

Posted By KinderLab Christina On November 25, 2020 in Media Coverage

Finding Debra checked out the KIBO Home Edition and included it in the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids.

About KIBO
KinderLab Robotics, the creators of the KIBO™ robot kit, just released the KIBO Home Edition line. Available for a limited time, this line was created to support parents and children during the pandemic, especially those with limitations on in-person school attendance. The KIBO Home Edition Robot Kit provides families an affordable way to bring a playful, screen-free coding and engineering toy home for the holidays and for years of creative enjoyment.

The affordable new KIBO Home Edition introduces young children to coding and robotics, inspiring parents, children, and siblings to engage and collaborate. With KIBO, children ages 4–7 create, design, decorate, and bring their own robot to life. Children build onto KIBO with familiar arts and crafts materials, engaging in imaginative play and storytelling that motivates and guides their learning. They can tell stories, choreograph dances, create a robotic vehicle to explore a cardboard town, create an animal habitat, and more.

With KIBO, kids create coding sequences using programming cards. They scan their sequence with the barcode scanner built into the robot body, press KIBO’s button, and watch their creation go! KIBO uses scannable cards rather than an app or computer for a screen-free and physically active experience. For added creativity, children can draw on KIBO’s whiteboard faceplate with markers or attach the included paper “costumes” atop the robot.

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