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Little Explorer Big World: Top 15 STEM Toys for 2018

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On January 24, 2018 in Media Coverage

Kike Calvo produces a blog and visual journey with his daughter. Kike is also a National Geographic creative photographer.

He includes KIBO as a part of his Top 15 STEM Toys for 2018. The article reads:

As parents, how can we find toys for our little ones that educate as well as engage? The world of science and technology is more important than ever, yet many parents and kids might be scared off by worries about how to approach it or make it fun. Kids can experience technology without being passive consumers if they use the right tools, but it’s difficult to know where to start when things are changing so quickly! I’ve brought you an overview of some ways to start your little explorer on the right track to see coding, robotics, natural science, and more as exciting new frontiers.

See the full list of STEM Toys.