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Little Steps: 15 Amazing STEM Toys In Singapore

Posted By KinderLab Christina On April 15, 2019 in Media Coverage

Check out the Little Steps Singapore article listing of the top 15 amazing STEM toys In Singapore that are “Game Changers Among Toys”!

The article reads:

“STEM & STEAM have proved to be the best route towards balanced education because they give kids the most comprehensive basis to build upon. We have written about STEM & STEAM itself and the programs employing the approach in Singapore, and now we give you the amazing toys that make it even easier to kickstart your little thinker’s love for learning as a way of living through some seriously awesome, open-ended play.”

And about KIBO:

KIBO (For Ages 4 to 7): Programming Basics, Creativity

KIBO is the prodigious result of 15 years of learning technologies research and testing. First, KIBO engages kids in learning the basics of programming by coming up with a sequence of commands in the form of tangible, easily manipulated wooden blocks. Second, kids use that knowledge and skills like writing, choreographing, engineering, designing and more to give KIBO commands to turn it into a perfectly custom-made robot!

See the full STEM Toy Guide.