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Live Science: The Best Coding Toys for Kids

Posted By KinderLab Christina On December 19, 2020 in Media Coverage

In this listing of coding toys, KIBO is included as one of the best coding toys for kids, ages 3-7. Today’s options for coding toys are many and they have rounded up their favorites. From board games to programmable robots, see some of the best coding toys for kids.

The article reads in part, “There are myriad apps, toys and games available to teach coding skills to children of all ages and jumpstart those future techie careers.

In recent years, most educators would agree that open-ended playtime activities and the ability to “scale up” in complexity as a child grows older are useful rules of thumb when deciding which STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toys to purchase.

About KIBO
Taking a different approach than many of its competitors, KIBO’s robot kit appeals to both the mechanically and artistically minded. Available in four different varieties, the KIBO kits come with tons of customizable options; additional programming blocks, modules, and other complementary curriculum is also available for purchase a la carte.

What is the KIBO, exactly? Anything your child can imagine! They can design their interactive robot to become an animal, vehicle, or children’s story character as they customize their educational contraption. Colorful wooden blocks make the concept of coding more tangible for developing noggins, and the screen-less design eliminates distractions as your child learns about light, sight, distance, and sound. Long-story-short: It’s full-steam ahead for STEM-centric learning.

See the full listing of coding toys.