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Motherhood Moment: Consumer Critique – KIBO Home Edition

Posted By KinderLab Christina On November 21, 2020 in Media Coverage

Motherhood Moment took some time to play with KIBO with her children and provided a review to share with their readership. The review includes:

“I teach math and my kids are very interested in science, so I was happy to get a chance to try out a KIBO Home Edition robot for a few weeks. It’s a screen-free way to get kids introduced to the elements of coding, and even though it’s targeted towards kids a little younger than my own, we still had fun with it!

The robot is easy to assemble (it just involves snapping wheels and sensors into place) and easy to use right off the bat. Because of its shiny surface, kids can have fun decorating it using whiteboard markers. Programming is a breeze – little barcoded squares are scanned, and the robot follows instructions. Kids can explore what happens with each command, and then parents can set up challenges for kids to try to accomplish.

KIBO is a great way to introduce STEM concepts to kids. Even if they aren’t headed for a career in science or math, working on coding activities like the KIBO can help build logic and problem-solving skills. The fact that you can expose kids to coding without them looking at a screen is a huge plus.”

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