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Mothering: Best Robotic Kits for Kids

Posted By KinderLab Christina On October 16, 2019 in Media Coverage

We are thrilled to learn that KIBO was included in the Best Robotics Kits for Kids!

“But our kids are growing up in a different world, and while we work hard to ensure their childhood stays as full of play and wonder as it can, we can’t help but marvel at some of the amazing opportunities our kids have when it comes to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) products. The days of robots only being on the Jetsons or Wall~E are long gone, and now our littlest littles are letting their imaginations soar as they begin robotics play. This is why it’s important that when we’re looking for the best robotics kits for kids, we remember at the core, it’s about building visual-spatial and fine motor skills, as well as helping strengthen logic, critical thinking and reasoning, problem-solving and innovation.

No, we don’t want our children to be slaves to technology, but there’s lots of merit to them being the thinkers and tinkerers and creators of whatever their minds can imagine, and the best robotics kits for kids foster those skills.

Even if some robotics kits require screens or devices ;KIBO doesn’t!], the best robotics kits for kids require them minimally, as the focus of the robotics kits are certainly geared toward taking little minds into worlds they only dream of—with their own two hands and their magnificent brains.

…The key to learning is play…that it’s only because we want to play that we want to learn. Would our children be any different? When our children want to go further in their play, learning occurs.

Kids love to code; they love being in control of creating and watching something come from their brains to fruition right before their very eyes. Coding and coding skills allow them to do this, but that’s where some of the best robotics kits really stand out.”

And About KIBO:
Another fabulous screen-free robotics kit, Kibo is built on Montessori-type principles and lets kids bring their creativity to life with STEAM activities. They won’t even know that it is learning, as they’re going through the engineering design process and KIBO will easily become a friend they keep around for years. It’s designed based on 20 years of research by Professor Marina Bers from Tufts University. Bers is a leading early childhood development researcher, so you’ll be sneaky in their learning with KIBO. Completely screen-free coding that they won’t want to put down!

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