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Nibletz: KinderLab Robotics Expands KIBO Curriculum

Posted By KinderLab Christina On March 1, 2018 in Media Coverage

Nibletz covered the news about our 4 new curriculum guides. The article reads:

KinderLab Robotics, the Boston startup behind the popular KIBO Robot has announced the release of four new curriculum guides. Kinderlab’s KIBO Robot is designed to teach children and students as young as 4 years old, the fundamentals and basic concepts of coding. Although intended to get younger kids interested in coding, even our 10 year old edtech reporter loves KIBO.

KinderLab Robotics initially rolled out a rich curriculum for using KIBO in the classroom. The base curriculum includes over 40 hours of learning and activities that maximize students experience putting KIBO together and coding him via the code blocks and scanner included with the robot. Through this curriculum students learn the ins and outs of creating the robot, coding him and then programming him to do a wide variety of things.

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