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SmartBrief: Grow SEL Skills Through Robotics

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On July 25, 2018 in Media Coverage

In this SmartBrief, Inc. article, “Grow SEL skills through robotics“, Bryan Flaig discusses how Computer Science and SEL skills go hand-in-hand.

Bryan states, “When working with robotics, I also see students develop basic problem-solving skills, which contribute to building their social-emotional intelligence. Do they hit a place in the task where they feel frustrated or they feel like it’s not working the way they want it to? Are they showing the perseverance and the grit to try to overcome that obstacle on their own? Those are the things we’re curious to watch for.

I never tire of seeing a child discover something new about his or her world. The screams of excitement I hear after students successfully code a robot to carry out a command will never get old.

As we continue our pilot process, we’ve been seeing glimpses of SEL development, which shows that our students can develop soft skills alongside computer science skills and become active and engaged residents of 21st-century Silicon Valley.

Read the full SmartBrief article.