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Tech Age Kids: The Robotics Learning Tool for 4-7 year olds – Review

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On January 26, 2018 in Media Coverage

The reviewer at Tech Age Kids evaluated KIBO with her 7 year old son. The lengthy review includes images and a video on their experience with KIBO.

The reviewer states:

KIBO is an open platform that encourages creativity with craft and coding. It’s like a blank canvas that allows you to express yourself.

My son spent a long time just trying out all the attachments, exploring what each electronic input did. He also built a LEGO creature to upgrade KIBO. He drew and re-drew several designs on the whiteboard. It was fantastic to watch him be creative with KIBO.

KIBO is a brilliant learning tool to teach children coding concepts and robotics through exploration and play.

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