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TechCrunch: Gift Guide – 20+ STEM Toy Gift Ideas for Aspiring Young Builders

Posted By KinderLab Christina On November 17, 2021 in Media Coverage

Check out the TechCrunch holiday gift guide “Gift Guide: 20+ STEM toy gift ideas for aspiring young builders”. We are thrilled that KIBO is a part of this amazing gift guide filled with hands-on STEM products!

“The learn-to-code category as a whole continues to mature, showing a strengthening (and welcome) focus on art and design, not just pure engineering.

One extra challenge for STEM toy makers is the (now) high concern over kids’ screen time. Hence lots of products feature marketing that loudly touts “screen-free” alternatives to teaching coding (such as by using physical blocks/cards/buttons etc).”

See the full gift guide!