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The Boston Globe: Why Kindergartners Need to Learn to Code

Posted By KinderLab Christina On January 17, 2019 in Media Coverage

We are thrilled to see our co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Marina Bers’ article in the Boston Globe – “Why kindergartners need to learn to code”. Learn more about why we do what we do and why the KIBO Robot was designed in the way it was.

The article reads in part, “My lab has found that introducing coding to very young children in such playful ways helps engage all of them, not only those who think they’re good at math or science. When we teach coding as literacy, it broadens access beyond the specialists, which has the potential to reduce gender disparities and the lack of minorities in the STEM professions. In our research, we’ve seen that children who learned how to program developed strong sequencing skills — knowing that the order of things matters — and engaged in creative learning, both important foundations for later academic success.”

Read on for the full article.