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ZDnet: David’s Wacky and Wonderful Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Posted By KinderLab Christina On November 22, 2021 in Media Coverage

In this ZDnet Gift Guide, David Gewirtz reviewed KIBO and included the playful, screen-free robot in this year’s gift guide.

About KIBO
“I am completely enamored by the idea of KIBO. As an educator in the 2020s, I consider programming a critical skill for everyone. Nearly anyone can benefit from understanding how to describe steps in a clear and coherent manner. So the idea that KIBO can begin teaching this to very young children is fascinating.

KIBO is a kinetic STEM kit. Best of all, it’s a tool for learning that doesn’t require the use of a screen. By combining physical blocks in the right order, kids can instruct KIBO to take action. Kids can also add on capabilities like light, sound, and sensors, all with large, easy to attach add-ons. I can see this in use in a kindergarten or nursery school, as well as at home.

It could unlock something wonderful in the little ones and set them on a path to master technology later in life.”

See the full gift guide.