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KIBO and Our COVID-19 Response


We are open!

Our staff is working to be sure your needs are met:

  • Ordering: Go to our webstore and we will process your order (please include a note about whether your “ship to” address will be open to receive your shipment or provide an alternative address, i.e., home address).
  • Support: Email our support team and we will help right away!
  • KIBO information: Email our sales team and we will answer your KIBO questions!
  • General questions: Email our office with your inquiries.

Recommended Cleaning Protocol

Please refer to the recommended cleaning protocol to sanitize your KIBO and its parts:

  • Create a 2% bleach solution (4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water, or 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) bleach per gallon of water).
  • Wet a soft cloth with the bleach solution. Rub the outside of the KIBO robot and all component parts (blocks, modules, white boards, art stages, etc.) with the wet cloth.
  • Allow to air dry. Do not rinse off.

Note: Do not immerse your KIBO or parts in water or any liquid solution. Use unexpired household bleach at the recommended concentration. For more information, please check the CDC website. CDC also maintains a List of Approved Disinfectants if you would like to find alternatives to a bleach solution.

Rent KIBO and learn with our 3-Month Robotics Course!

Want to give your kids a chance to learn with KIBO while they are home? Take advantage of our very affordable rental program ($175 for three months) and keep your kids busy learning how to code with our KIBO Home Robotics Course! Bring KIBO to your home and experience creative STEAM play! Order your course today!

Rent the KIBO Robotics Course!

Resources, Activities and Games…Oh My!

KIBO in the home As we navigate distance learning for children within the home, we are all looking for activities to help with our “new normal”. Here are some screen-free options, whether you have a KIBO robot or not.

Training and Professional Development

We can’t gather together; but that doesn’t mean professional development needs to stop. Now is a perfect time to connect with Jason Innes, our Manager of Training and Curriculum and learn all that KIBO can do for young learners! See our many training options, including an interactive online webinar.

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