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KIBO Robot Kits for Kids

What is KIBO?

KIBO  programming for kidsKIBO is an easy and fun way to bring robotics and coding to your young learners and spark their interest in STEAM. This hands on, screen-free robot kit for kids let 4- to 7-year-olds create, design, decorate and bring their own robot to life!

When children code with KIBO they are learning invaluable skills that will lead them on the path for success in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) skills and future careers. As they learn all these coding skills, they will think it is just play!

  • Based on 20 years of early child development research, this hands-on educational robot engages young students to learn STEAM concepts through play and creative self-expression.
  • STEAM learning with KIBO is fun, imaginative and easy. Your youngest learners will playfully discover these concepts by coding with wooden building blocks, creating sequences, and learning design processes.
  • Used in 60+ countries and tested and approved by thousands of children and their caregivers, KIBO has proven efficacy in helping kids learn STEAM, and getting them excited about it!

So, How KIBO is Different?

KIBO is different from any other robot kit for kids because it appeals to both technically minded kids and those that connect more to arts and culture or physical activity. Differences include: no screens needed (entirely unplugged!), incorporation of the arts with our art platforms (KIBO can be anything you can dream of), 20 years of early childhood development research, and so much more! Learn more about the KIBO Difference.

Build. Art. Code. Play.

Which KIBO is Right for Me?

For Educational Institutions

KIBO 18 & KIBO 21 are available in various Classroom Packages, which includes our Curriculum Materials. In addition, individual robot kits, programming blocks, modules, additional curriculum and teacher materials can be purchased a la carte.
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For Individuals

KIBO is available in 4 different robot kits ($230, $350, $490 and $610). Other items available include a la carte programming blocks and modules, curriculum and teacher materials. Compare KIBO robot kits for kids!

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White Paper: 6 Key Benefits of Using Robotics with Your Youngest Students

Learn more about the benefits of introducing coding, robotics, and engineering into early childhood classrooms. Teaching and integrating robotics and coding is easier than you may think, with hands-on, screen-free tools like KIBO. You can integrate KIBO into multiple disciplines and school curriculum including math, science, literacy, music, dance, arts, crafts, storytelling, natural sciences, and even social studies. KIBO can bring to life just about any topic! Get your FREE White Paper today!

And for those at home…Learn the 3 Benefits of KIBO Playful STEAM Robotics at Home

Playful STEAM Home Paper CoverNow more than ever, parents and caregivers are being called upon to support their children’s learning at home. But how do parents find the best educational solutions for their child? Learn more about how KIBO provides a screen free, creative STEAM learning experience for your little learner. Get your FREE guide!

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