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KIBO Pilot Program

Curriculum Book ImageWelcome to the support page for the KIBO Pilot Program. This page provides a variety of videos, links, and other resources to help you get started teaching with KIBO. We also provide information on The KIBO Zoo, an optional introductory curriculum you can use as a lead-in to Creating with KIBO, our full curriculum.

We’d love to hear from you too! If you have ideas, experiences, or activities you’d like to share, please visit our KIBO Resources website. You can share your stories and read stories from other educators.

About the Pilot Program

Our KIBO Pilot Program provides schools an opportunity to try teaching with KIBO. We provide a KIBO 21 Activity Center Package, ideal for setting up a 4-6 student robotics activity center.

  • District will commit to implementing KIBO with fidelity for a minimum of 40 school days.
  • District will be required to identify a district contact to coordinate this pilot with a KIBO representative.
  • District will require their participating teacher to participate in two one-hour training videos prior to the classroom introduction.
  • Teachers are encouraged to use the curriculum guide for KIBO as well as the additional supporting materials.
  • District will have 60 days to use the KIBO Activity Center Package at no cost to help them experience firsthand the creativity, the high-engagement and the fun children will have through KIBO.

Professional Development Training

Pilot Program Training

We want to make sure teachers feel comfortable teaching with KIBO and integrating it into a range of subjects. As part of the Pilot Program, we ask teachers to view our tutorial videos which offer more than an hour of self-paced training. Those videos are linked on this page.

We also ask teachers to participate in a one-hour interactive web-conference with our training team. You’ll learn to use KIBO in a hands-on session, guided by our instructor; you’ll also gain practical advice on how to work with KIBO with your students.

Please contact us at to schedule your web conference.

The KIBO Zoo (Introductory Curriculum)

The KIBO Zoo is a “ready to run” 6-8 hr unit, broken into 4 lessons. This is a shorter unit compared to our main curriculum booklet, Creating with KIBO. The activities are integrated around an animals theme. Our goal with The KIBO Zoo is to help teachers get started with KIBO. The 25-minute video to the right introduces KIBO and provides and overview of the KIBO Zoo curriculum.

Download The KIBO Zoo (3mb PDF)

Tutorial and Curriculum Support Videos

For tips on scanning, programming, and the individual blocks and parts, check out the KIBO tutorial videos on our Tutorials page.

KIBO Dances the Hokey Pokey

The Robot Parts song

Standards Alignment

Our curriculum guides include alignment to Common Core and to evolving engineering and CS standards. We are actively expanding our library of standards mappings for our curriculum. Below are additional mappings that may be helpful for you:

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