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Learn the 6 Key Benefits of Using Robotics with Your Youngest Students!

Introduce coding and robotics into your early childhood classrooms - in a fun and playful way!

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Robotics in Early Childhood

Child Using Robotics

Why Robotics for Young Children Today?

Early childhood is a wonderful time to spark kids’ interest in coding, robotics, and engineering. Young children are curious about the world around them, and today that world includes technology.

We are surrounded by technology. Smart phones, smart faucets, automatic doors. But in the early years, children learn very little about how these things work.

Integrating robotics into early childhood education helps close gender- and SES-based gaps in achievement in STEAM fields. For children in PreK-2, robotics can introduce STEM concepts to them in a playful way, thereby encouraging them to be excited about further exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

Coding as a Playground

Research shows that young children can learn programming and engineering at a very early age. This is possible when children are given tools that are developmentally appropriate, that encourage open-ended play and that allow the integration of technical skills with expressive arts, math, literacy and cultural explorations.

Young kids learn by doing. They learn best by playing with physical objects: by making things, testing things. To learn programming and engineering, they need materials designed in the spirit of traditional learning manipulatives in early childhood (physical, as opposed to on-screen). Children engage in playful learning, cultivate their curiosity for the technological world, explore problem solving, and understand concepts such as sequencing, cause-and-effect, programming, sensors and motors.

Which KIBO is Right for Me?

For Educational Institutions

KIBO 18 & KIBO 21 are available in various Classroom Packages, which includes our Curriculum Materials. In addition, individual robot kits, programming blocks, modules, additional curriculum and teacher materials can be purchased a la carte.
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For Individuals

KIBO is available in 4 different robot kits ($220, $335, $470 and $590). Other items available include a la carte programming blocks and modules, curriculum and teacher materials.
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Learn the 6 Key Benefits of Using Robotics with Your Youngest Students

Learn more about the benefits of introducing coding, robotics, and engineering into early childhood classrooms. Teaching and integrating robotics and coding is easier than you may think, with hands-on, screen-free tools like KIBO. Get your FREE White Paper today!

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