Webinar: Incorporating Creative Robotics into Your Technology Strategy for PreK-5th Grade

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Join us on April 27th at 2pm!

Please join us on for the webinar “Incorporating Creative Robotics into your Technology Strategy for PreK-5th Grade“.

Together, with two leading district-level STEM educators from Newport News Public Schools and San Francisco Unified School District, we will discuss the importance of robotics as part of your technology strategy and how key district-level decision makers used KIBO to help them build a comprehensive computer science pathway from PreK to grade 5.

Starting computer science and STEM education with your youngest learners.

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Details of the Webinar

Districts all over the U.S. are facing challenges as they seek to meet new computer science standards and mandates. Research shows that starting young with computer science and STEM education has the greatest impact, but tools must be age-appropriate and backed with curriculum and PD. In this webinar, learn from key district-level decision makers about how KIBO helped them build a comprehensive computer science pathway from PreK to grade 5 — and beyond!

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Our Speakers

  • William Marsland

    Computer Science Content Specialist, SFUSD Curriculum & Instruction STEM Office, San Francisco Unified School District

  • Jennifer Barker

    STEM Instructional Specialist, PK-8 Curriculum & Development, Newport News Public Schools

  • Jason Innes

    Manager of Training and Curriculum Development, KinderLab Robotics