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January 2022 Child’s Play Newsletter

Posted By KinderLab Christina On January 26, 2022 in Child's Play Newsletter

As we welcome 2022, we understand you are facing immense challenges. When you are ready, KIBO is here to help your young learners with SEL, collaboration, and playful STEAM learning. In the meantime, if you have 5 minutes, here is a brief of all that is going on at KinderLab and with KIBO!

KIBO – An educator’s Best Friend by Bringing Classroom Lessons to Life – Use KIBO as a Mascot for STEAM Learning!

A GREAT way to hook your students from the get-go is by establishing a class mascot. While class pets like hamsters or turtles may be the traditional way, KIBO is an exciting, yet proven, way to introduce the basics of STEAM to kids, while ensuring they have fun in the process! Teaching with KIBO allows you to introduce the fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering, while drawing in your students’ attention through creativity by customizing KIBO to become a class mascot!

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