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Communal News: Most Productive Educational STEM Toys for 5 Year Old Geniuses

Posted By KinderLab Christina On October 10, 2020 in Media Coverage

In this article, KIBO was included in a short list of 2020’s leading educational toys that you will be interested in for your 5 year old. These are the types of educational toys that have been designed with everything young children need to further develop their fine motor, problem solving, and cognitive skills.

About KIBO:
“If you were worried that we had forgotten about coding toys, fear not, as we have something incredibly special (and award-winning) in store for you with the KinderLab Robotics’ KIBO robot. The unique touch in this robotics kit is that it is completely screen-free, making KIBO all the more accessible for 5 year olds.

When children can personalize their robots, they will form a stronger bond with them, and the KIBO can incredibly come to life with your children’s decorations. They can then program their very own KIBO to race about, act out puppet shows, and even dance to music!”

See the full list of educational toys.