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EdSurge: Parents Don’t Need to Be Coding Experts, Just Willing to Learn With Their Children

Posted By KinderLab Christina On December 11, 2019 in Media Coverage

In this EdSurge article, Madhu Govind and Marina Bers from Tufts Devtech Research Group discuss their Family Coding Days and how, through brainstorming, planning and programming, families gain confidence and interest in coding while working together.

The article reads in part:

These creative coding projects took place during Family Coding Day, a free event hosted by the DevTech Research Group at Tufts University, which is dedicated to designing and evaluating technologies that promote young children’s learning and development. The event first started as a community outreach initiative for DevTech in 2016. It was designed by researchers as a way for young children and their families to gain exposure to coding by learning how to use a coding tool (KIBO and ScratchJr) and collaborating on an open-ended project.

Empowering parents as creative coding partners doesn’t mean positioning them as experts. Instead, it means families need creative spaces where they can come together, code together and learn together.

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