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eSchoolNews: 3 Ways to Teach STEAM in a Blended Learning Environment

Posted By KinderLab Christina On August 27, 2020 in Media Coverage

In this article, 3 Ways to Teach STEAM in a Blended Learning Environment, Jason Innes, our Director of Curriculum, Training, and Product Management, describes the importance of continuing hands-in STEAM learning despite where students are physically located. With these 3 tips educators can incorporate hands-on manipulatives to promote playful STEAM learning in early childhood. The three ways are:
– Grounding learning in hands-on manipulatives
– Inspiring experimental learning
– Supporting collaboration at a distance

That’s one of the reasons robotics is an effective way to introduce computer science, engineering, computational thinking, and critical thinking—the robot becomes a physical expression of the STEAM concepts that the teacher presents. If young students learn the foundations of coding using a physical object like a robot, they will be more successful in constructing their own understanding of the abstract concepts of sequencing and algorithms.

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