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eSchoolNews: 46 EdTech Innovations at ISTELive 22

Posted By KinderLab Christina On July 5, 2022 in Media Coverage

While at ISTELive 22, we had the pleasure of meeting with eSchoolNews and demonstrate KIBO and its value to early educators. After the event, we were thrilled to hear that KIBO was included as one of the “edtech products that have proven invaluable during the pandemic” and one of the most innovative new and evolving edtech tools.

About KIBO

“KinderLab Robotics showcased KIBO, the hands-on coding robot that teaches computer science, engineering, and computational thinking to young children (PreK-5th grade). The curriculum is standards-aligned in computer science and engineering, and supports deep cross-curricular connections to science, ELA, math, and social studies. With KIBO, children build, program, decorate, and bring their own robot to life. KIBO is entirely screen-free, as children program their robots with “tangible code” made of wooden blocks. This approach takes advantage of years of research into providing physical manipulatives to allow young children to engage with abstract concepts like coding. KIBO is designed to be extended with craft and other building materials, providing a platform for imagination play, sturdy building, and the engineering design process.”

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