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NPR: Teaching Matters – Science and Imagination

Posted By KinderLab Christina On October 5, 2021 in Media Coverage

In this NPR Podcast, Carmello Piazza, the Executive Director and Education Director at the Brooklyn Preschool of Science discusses his approach of inspiring his learners. In addition to using the KIBO robot, he uses various methods and tools on using scientific discovery to unlock students’ imagination and to help them ground learning in inquiry-based methods.

About KIBO
“[KIBO] creates such a dynamic experience for these kids. More importantly when you start them so young, it lays the foundation and the love and appreciation of something called computational learning. Foster the love of something as simple as robotics, so when they do leave me, they still have that continuation of learning.”

Listen in on the whole interview and around 11:20 to learn more about his use of KIBO.