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Orlando News 6: This is the Future of Education

Posted By KinderLab Christina On January 30, 2019 in Media Coverage

While at the FETC 2019 Conference, the KIBO robot was featured in a news segment about products to support the future of education.

The article reads in part, “For children, technology is pretty much in every school, helping them learn faster and motivating them to stay focused. And because it’s become an essential aspect to teaching, companies continue to create innovative ways for educators to improve the teaching skills. Orlando recently held the FETC, where thousands of teachers got to see the latest tools in education available. The KIBO Robotic System is another product among the 400 exhibitors.”

The goal of Kibo is to get the kids on the ground, being creative and playing using our various art platforms,” said Christina Nawn, director of marketing.See the video and full article.