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SmartBrief: Integrating Culture and History with Robots

Posted By KinderLab Christina On December 7, 2021 in Media Coverage

In this SmartBrief article, Helen Schwartz, from the New England Jewish Academy in CT shares her experience of combining STEM learning with lessons about Jewish holidays.

Using the Limudei Code-Esh STEAM program and curriculum, Helen is able to integrate coding and computational thinking with six Jewish holidays: Sukkot, Chanukkah, Tu B’shevat, Purim, Pesach, and Yom Ha’atzmaut.

Helen says, “But that’s learning, too. It’s hands-on, and just as there’s more than one way to design a platform for shaking a lulav, there’s more than one way to learn with a robot.”

Learn more about her experience using KIBO in celebrating holidays.