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The Edvocate: How to Help Teachers Conquer Their Fear of Robots

Posted By KinderLab Christina On March 26, 2019 in Media Coverage

This article, from Steve Coxon from Maryville University, describes 3 ways to remove the fear of using robotics, including KIBO, with young learners:

1) Student-Included Professional Development (SIPD)
2) Using Expert Coaches In Class
3) Alleviating Common Fears

Steve describes:
Teachers are also often afraid that they don’t know everything for which the robot can be programmed. I’ve been working with robotics for 15 years, and I don’t know all of the things they can do, either. It’s helpful for teachers to think about programming the robots less like solving an equation and more like creative writing. I can find the answer to almost any equation, but I never know what a student will dream of writing. There are unlimited possibilities.

PD doesn’t have to be a pain. SIPD and coaching can improve teacher quality and student learning. Teachers have no need to fear robotics, and these methods help them see a pathway to success.

See the full article.