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Teach Kids Programming – Getting Started

Welcome! We are excited to have you as a part of our KIBO family. Please see the information below that will help you get started teaching kids programming with KIBO.

We offer the below online resources to get your young learners coding with KIBO:

We also have a wide range of add-on extensions to expand your KIBO programming fun, such as attachments to allow KIBO to draw, platforms to build with LEGO™-compatible bricks, and more. Additional resources can be found below.

Quick Start Guides

KIBO 21 Quick Start Guide

KIBO 21 Quick Start Guide

KIBO 18 Quick Start Guide

KIBO 18 Quick Start Guide

KIBO 15 Quick Start Guide

KIBO 10 Quick Start Guide

KIBO 10 Quick Start Guide

Free Activities

KIBO Snow Plow

KIBO Dancer

These two activities are free samples from our fun Activity Card set. Purchase the complete set at our webstore. Many more free activities are available at KIBO Resources website.

Video Tutorials

Introducing KIBO

KIBO’s Programming Blocks

Creating and Scanning Programs

Repeat Loops with Number Parameters

Introducing Sensors

Wait for Clap + Sound Sensor

Using the Distance Sensor with Repeat Loops

Repeat Loops + Light Sensor

Using If and End If Blocks

Nesting Ifs Inside Repeat Loops


Is your KIBO spinning or going backward when it should be going forward? Are you not sure if your KIBO is powering on correctly?

Check out our page of frequently asked technical questions for solutions!

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