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Learn Programming for Kids

learn programming for kidsYou may wonder how easy it is to teach and learn programming for young children. It can be very simple when you provide early learning programming tools. But where to get started?

Kids learn best when learning is made fun, and it is beneficial to learn programming for kids by providing toys to enhance critical thinking skills — comprising a vast set of problem-solving and analytical capabilities, habits, dispositions and approaches often required in the field of computer science and programming.

Here are some ideas on how to bring coding and programming into your existing curriculum:

– Introduce play-based activities to introduce technology
– Provide a framework for them to plan their project
– Give art supplies for children to begin their creative process
– Build students’ basic engineering and programming skills with project work

Learn Programming for Kids

Integrating technology into your classroom can be fun and easy with a wide range of cross-curricular connections for early learners to literacy, community, dance, science, and more!

  • What are you reading with the class? Perhaps you are reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or “Goin on a Bear Hunt”? Decorate the robot to be that character, the children develop their sequence of steps to reenact the story, and bring the robot to life!
  • Learning about addition and subtraction? Make a number line, and figure out how many forwards the robot must take to get to the end line. How many backwards movements to get to a certain number.
  • Learning the alphabet? Using a Floor Map, use the robot to move from letter to letter to create a word.

The possibilities are endless!

Introducing a coding robot for kids promotes positive, creative, and educational engagement with technology. Integrating robotics, coding, and programming into early childhood education is easier than you may think, with hands-on, screen-free tools like the KIBO robot kit.

Learn the 6 Key Benefits of Using Robotics with Early Learners

Learn more about the benefits of introducing coding, robotics, and engineering into early childhood classrooms. Teaching and integrating robotics and coding is easier than you may think, with hands-on, screen-free tools like KIBO. Get your FREE White Paper today!

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