Sulman LCE STEAM Grant

A Unique Early Learning Education Initiative for Jewish Day Schools

With a generous grant from the David Lear Sulman Computing, Science, and Engineering Fund, this early learning STEAM program starts your young learners on their journey into coding and robotics by bringing Jewish holidays to life! Current research recommends that students start STEAM learning in early elementary grades to develop computational thinking, confidence, collaboration, and individual expression. Get your free and discounted program today!

What is this STEAM Initiative?

With the generous David Lear Sulman Computing, Science, and Engineering Grant, educators in Jewish Day Schools or Jewish Supplemental Schools (such as an extracurricular Hebrew School) can take advantage of the FREE and discounted program to get their young learners underway with STEAM!

The project consists of:
Limudei Code-Esh Curriculum – This free curriculum integrates coding, robotics and computational thinking with Judaic studies, along with the on-screen ScratchJr and physical robot kit KIBO. The curriculum was developed by Professor Marina Bers of Tufts University and three Boston-area Jewish educators from Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Day Schools. The curriculum has been tested in grades K-3, and flexes for use in preK-5.
ScratchJr – This free app introduces coding skills! With ScratchJr, young children can program their own interactive stories and games.
KIBO Robot Kit – Children build, program, and decorate robots with age-appropriate tangible manipulatives, using no screens or keyboards.

So How Can I Get Started?

This STEAM program gives you the FREE Limudei Code-Esh Curriculum and ScratchJr app and discounted KIBO robots. Not only will KinderLab provide a 10% discount on all KIBO robots and accessories (when combined with Limudei Code-Esh curriculum), the Sulman Fund is offering an additional 50% matching grant. That is over 50% off the price of KIBO!

Review and Sign the Commitment Letter
To take advantage of the matching grant for the discounted KIBO robots, review and sign the Commitment letter stating that you will use the Limudei Code-Esh Curriculum.

This 6 unit curriculum will introduce you and your young learners to coding and robotics through the lens of the Jewish holidays. After the curriculum is completed, you will understand the versatility of KIBO!

Fill Out the Form Below to Get Started
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