Thank You for Sharing the KIBO Love!


Thank you for being a part of the KIBO Referral Program!

We love that you are willing to share KIBO with your friends and colleagues. We just know your contacts will see the unlimited possibilities of KIBO. Please see the info below on how to refer KIBO to a friend and how to use your coupon!

For the Referer
Tell Your Friends and Save!

Share Your KIBO Experience and Get 10% off!
When a friend/colleague/family member purchases KIBO, based on your referral, you will get 10% off a future purchase!

After their purchase we will notify you to take advantage of your 10% off coupon (up to $10,000!). You’ll simply enter in the coupon code of REFERRAL in your shopping cart, include the friend’s name and email in the order notes field and your discount will be applied with our thanks!

I’m In!
What are the Next Steps?

1) Tell your friend how amazing KIBO is
2) Direct them to our website and order KIBO kits and the fun stuff
3) Tell them to enter the coupon code of REFERRER in their shopping cart for 10% off their initial order (up to $10,000)!
4) They must include your name and email in the order notes field (for verification)
5) Once the order is in place, we will send you an email that you can now use your 10% off coupon.

(Note – An email with all this info in on its way, so you can forward the info to a friend.)