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Webinar replay: K-2 and robotics: How to introduce STEM in early education

Thank you so much for registering for KinderLab Robotics’ ‘K-2 and robotics: How to introduce STEM in early education’ webinar. Below, please find your free replay where you’ll learn:

    • Real, practical advice on how to introduce technology to children from four to seven years old – and what NOT to do!
    • How to be at ease with new technologies – and to lead from a place of expertise (even if you’re not technical)
    • Where to start? – Five practical ways to get started with technology in the classroom
    • Different ways, strategies and tactics on how to access and secure funding to support the introduction of technology to your classroom, school or education facility
    • An introduction to KIBO with examples of schools and teaching programs – and how they started with robotics in the K-2 classroom – and how to link technology to the curriculum
    • How to easily create an action plan and start introducing STEM to your K-2 classroom, students or group

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